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Imam Termizi International Research Center begins its activity

At the initiative of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, the mausoleum of Abu Isa Termizi in Sherabad district was improved two years ago. On February 14, 2017, the Head of the state signed a resolution on organization of Imam Termizi International Research Center.

In accordance with this resolution, the Imam Termizi International Research Center was built in Termez. Islamic sciences, including hadith studies, as well as the legacy of Isa Termizi and other scholars from Termez are deeply studied there. Textbooks and teaching aids, periodicals, scientific and practical recommendations for using in the system of religious education and spiritual-moral educational work will be prepared here.

The President visited this center and got acquainted with created conditions. He gave recommendations on an in-depth study of the life and works of the great hadith collector Imam Termizi, bringing his legacy to the younger generation, publishing books in a language accessible to the reader. The necessity of creating decent conditions for scientific research at the center, expanding participation of scientists in international scientific conferences was noted.