Consideration of applications of individuals and legal entities

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Regulation on appeals

  • Appeals of citizens are made orally or in writing. Oral and written appeals of citizens are of equal importance.
  • Appeals of citizens can be individual or collective.
  • Appeals of citizens can be in the form of statements, proposals or complaints.
  • Application – an appeal from citizens with a request for assistance in the exercise of their rights, freedoms and legitimate interests.
  • Proposal – an appeal from citizens containing recommendations for improving state and public activities.
  • Complaint – appeal of citizens with the requirement to restore violated rights, freedoms and legitimate interests.
  • Citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan have the right to apply to state bodies with statements, proposals and complaints.
  • The exercise by citizens of the right to appeal should not violate the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of other persons, society and the state.
  • Citizens of foreign states and stateless persons have the right to apply to the state bodies of the Republic of Uzbekistan in accordance with this Law.
  • Relations in the field of citizens’ appeals to self-government bodies of citizens are regulated in the manner prescribed by this Law.
  • Citizens ’applications are not subject to consideration in accordance with this Law, if legislative acts provide for a different procedure for their consideration.
  • The right of citizens to appeal is exercised voluntarily. No one may be forced to participate in actions in defense of or against any treatment.
  • A citizen has the right to appeal an unreasonable refusal to accept and consider his appeal to a higher authority in the order of subordination or directly to a court.